Teaching Tools

Working with teachers

We develop our own teaching tools by working with advisors and teachers to produce resources that can be adopted quickly in a highly pressured environment.

City 1250

Students watch a short film in which four teenagers discuss their forthcoming year on the (fictional) reality TV show City 1250. Each teenager tells of his or her worries about living in a reconstructed city in the Islamic world in the year 1250..

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Students then use the activity sheets provided to discover how the science and technology of the time addresses each of the teenagers’ worries. They learn about the advances of Muslim scientists in eight vital fields, and consider how their work influenced future scientists.

Download City 1250 here  

Teachers’ Pack

This maps relevant historical, scientific and technological discoveries and principles to the secondary schools national curriculum. The Pack contains teacher’s guides and experiments to use at school and is devised to support teachers in the classroom.

Download the Teachers’ Pack here

A Journey of Ideas

This takes us to Baghdad in 1250 as its base and analyses its achievements and influence using both a historical and a scientific approach. Like City 1250, it has been developed by key members of the Historical Association and/or The Association of Science Education.

Download A Journey of Ideas here

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