Be the Future

The purpose of the Be the Future! (BtF) training programme is to help individuals and groups become more attuned to the world around them, to understand themselves and each other better, and to provide a framework within which those from one culture can reach out to, communicate, appreciate, and respect those from another. It is constructed specifically to help us understand how we see the past, present and future, and work, in the present, individually and collectively, to generate a better future for all. It has applicability in organisations, industry, private and public sector and education at all levels – for individuals and for teams – from a few individuals to major communities. It draws from diverse fields of research and practice and can be populated with practical methods and role models which exemplify each of the interlinked abilities within the framework. It is independent of culture and does not need any prior knowledge for it to be effective.

BtF is a highly participative and interactive training initiative, which ensures that individuals receive the opportunity to develop their capabilities in a stimulating and encouraging environment, with the support and feedback of a group of experienced facilitators, from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The course is designed to optimise the opportunity for individual learning, teaching practice, development and feedback.

BtF will provide you with comprehensive knowledge so you may:

  • Look at existing teaching practices and resources and analyse current opportunities for improvement.
  • Choose how to improve and enrich existing capabilities and resources.
  • Explore the vitally important relationship between looking afresh at our shared history, how doing so affects our attitude in the present, and how we might use these new understandings to work together in the present moment to generate a better future for all.
  • Populate the BtF framework with your own examples to enable you to deliver lessons and presentations that are stimulating and relevant to your students and audience in your environment and culture.

BtF is recommended for: Schools, Teachers, Educators, Civil servants, Police, Youth organisations, Community organisations, Future leaders. The cost of the BtF programme varies with discounts available for those in Education or from charitable organisations.

“I saw and felt very strong enthusiasm in your talks. You have a valuable aim not only for the Muslim world but also for the true history of the world. I will be your representative in the Turkish science educational system as a teacher hopefully, because we need our children to re-perceive the worth of their individual cultures. Thank you for coming to us.” (E. Kaya, Teacher, Istanbul)

“I found the course stimulating and encouraging, a very positive experience in these times of extreme gloom – to be in a room full of people engaged in challenging the status quo and ready to campaign to rescue education.” (N. Tull, Teacher, Leeds)

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