Consultancy and Training

CE4tF uses world-class consultants, teachers and trainers who have delivered successful projects including curriculum design and implementation.

Training Workshop

CE4tF offers detailed support, advice and training:

  • Audit present curricula, identify knowledge gaps and provide material and processes, which enrich the present curricula.
  • Research and develop new and innovative teaching tools using the latest technology.
  • Speakers, academics and role models for schools, community groups, universities, media and others looking for contributions to a variety of subject matters.
  • Teacher training programmes using a combination of brand new and existing FSTC teaching materials, within a novel and advanced teaching framework.
  • Courses, workshops and conferences on all aspects of education and curricula for the future.

In the Classroom

We offer a range of colourful and innovative educational resources, at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, which have been developed in conjunction with educational authorities, and have undergone extensive testing in the classroom:

  • Educational workshops and sessions for educational organisations. These sessions are designed to be interactive, fun and informative. Pupils experience aspects of Science, Mathematics, History and Engineering. Workshops can address small or large audiences.
  • Staff training and developmental days. We aim to help build teachers’ confidence, and better equip them to deliver the material in the context of working with their own pupils.

We welcome invitations from all educational organisations.


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