Black History Month at the University of Manchester

IMG_2293On Wednesday 14th October 2015, CE4tF and FSTC had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the University of Manchester. As part of a series of events relating to Black History Month, Ayshah Ismail and Sairah Yassir delivered a session introducing and highlighting a number of influential figures and ideas from worldwide civilisations, often ignored and airbrushed from history, with an added emphasis on the role Muslim women played within society and the legacy they left behind.IMG_2249

The second half of the event was delivered by Natty Mark Samuels. Natty is the founder of African School, a Cultural Education project based in Oxford and is also a Visiting Tutor at Ruskin College, Oxford. Natty took the audience on a fascinating journey of Sub-Saharan Africa, tracing the paths of individuals who thrived on scholarship and spreading knowledge. Natty treated the audience to some of his poetry and odes honouring some of these personalities.


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