About CE4tF

CE4tF Overview

As education systems seek to reconfigure themselves for a world that grows ever more complex and uncertain, they must find ways of helping all of our young people to work together to build a better global society for themselves and their descendants…


Re-Perceiving The Past

The first slide shows the gap of approximately 1000 years, often referred to as the Middle Ages, during which little innovation or discovery took place. The second slide shows the more accurate view, including the continuous development, discovery, invention and innovation, much of which came out of non western cultures and was transferred to them during the renaissance…


A Message From The Chair

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Curriculum Enrichment for the Future (CE4tF), an organisation dedicated to helping schools and colleges, parents and young people discover their shared dynamic heritages in this global and interdependent age…


Key Personnel

Meet the CE4tF team…


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